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RolStoppable said:
GoOnKid said:

So, as we all know the gaming landscape is evolving nowadays. Even the article mentions the rising global smartphone games market and the shifting habits of consumer. These are important issues to deal with when you face the challenge to build a new gaming device that is supposed to be appealing for several years when you want to reach the masses. Of course Sony can always count on the brand value of Playstation but they still need to go with the times, and I believe the hardware race has come to a point of cool-down. The big technical achievements have mostly been accomplished already. So my best guess is that they will try to emulate Nintendo and do a hybrid.

Your best guess is just about as good as Germany was at the World Cup 2018.

But but but...

First: Even Nintendo themselves realized who they're dealing with and kept the Switch hidden almost until the very last second because they feared others might copy the concept.

Second: Özil should sleep more at night times so he wouldn't have to sleep during games. That alone should have made a significant bump on the performance.