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The big anniversary sale started on psvr games.
There are tons of great titles on sale, unfortunately they all say purchased where the price would be :)

Is paranormal activity any good? And can you play it with DS4, smooth movement and rotation?

Movement options really need to be advertised on the game sale page. I still wanted to get Obduction, which is on sale and finally got the promised VR patch. However after looking into it, it requires move (ugh), has snap rotation (yuck) and only supports teleportation (why oh why). Then they dare to advertise it as Obduction is to VR as what Myst was for PC. Emm no, it doesn't even have any pro enhancements. Has anyone played it? Is it still playable and worth it with teleportation?

All the stuff I'm really interested in is in the pre-order section doh. Borderlands VR should be great, they surely can't limit that to teleportation...

Firewall zero hour is on sale as well. Might be fun with the aim controller. However I still have enough to catch up on anyway before RDR2 takes over my time.