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VGchartz/Resetera, etc: "LABO will increase substantially when the holidays come around." With 10 weeks left until Christmas and with three different sets, none are in the top 20. What's going to be the excuse this time around? Stay tuned!

Super Mario Party in the middle of the pack compared to previous titles, marginal boost to hardware. Megaman 11 kinda meh. By this point in the Switch's lifecycle, I would expect a significant disparity between it and the PS4 when it comes to third party titles releasing on the same day (especially those that favor the Switch audience) but 3rd party Switch titles are receiving the Vita sales treatment...which isn't good (from the publishers perspective).

PS4 down due to people waiting on the price cut, good timing with COD and many high end western games releasing but I don't expect to see massive changes.

The best story continues to be Spiderman, fantastic sales for this game. Pretty awesome to see.