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Errorist76 said:
KazumaKiryu said:

I dont have a VR system, but would like to try out "Summer Lesson", "Resident Evil 7" and the new "Astro Bot" game on PSVR :)

Astro Bot is maybe Jump'n Run of the Year and the best VR-Game. 89 % ratings, worldwide. In my opinion, its impressive for a VR-title. Here some words:
Gaming Age - 100 %
"Astro Bot Rescue Mission is an extremely fun and engaging game, and a dynamite addition to the growing PSVR library. At $39.99, it is an absolute bargain for what you get here. Once you start playing you will find it hard to stop. Games like these are the reason why I love PlayStation VR as much as I do. It’s a simple concept that works on so many levels here. If you have a PSVR system, Definitely check this one out, I can’t recommend it enough"!

Playstation Universe - 95 %
"Easily the best platformer and PS VR game on the market this year. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a showcase to how VR should be utilized moving forward. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a must buy".

IGN Italia - 90 %
"Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a one of a kind platform game. A smart, funny, unpredictable game that testifies to how the VR can truly change any game".

IGN - 90 %
"The challenging platforming and natural implementation of VR make it one of the most interesting and genuinely new-feeling games in recent memory. Astro Bot Rescue Mission delivers on the potential of PSVR and is a must-buy for owners of the device".

Digital Chumps - 90 %
"Astro Bot Rescue Mission neatly unfolds platforming’s trick and tropes with immunity from the traditional hazards of virtual reality. Astro Bot is a treasure for PlayStation VR enthusiasts".

I can sign all that. Just been playing two more levels and it makes me feel like a kid again. I’ve been smiling and giggling as if it was my first video game.

good to know, thank you! Maybe I will test it in the near future.