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Errorist76 said:
Medisti said:
I tried PSVR one time for about fifteen minutes and go so sick I almost threw up, so you can understand why I personally never want to try VR again. I get carsick pretty easily, too, though, so it's probably a problem with me that VR advancement will likely not fix. If you're less motion sickness-inclined, it might be cool, though.

I’ve even read about people who got rid of their real life motion sickness by training in VR. Or vertigo, fear of spiders you name it.

If you are sensitive it’s very important to do it slow, start with easier and more stationary games. What game did you play if I may ask?

You can see why I would have an issue with intentionally making myself physically ill to try to make my getting physically ill slightly less bad. If being in a car for twenty years hasn't helped my car sickness, I don't see how VR would. My mom has the same issue. Our bodies know they aren't moving and makes the brain go "WRONG WRONG." My mom has it way worse. She can't play a 3D game without becoming so sick she has to lay down.

Whatever the racing game was in the PSVR demo disc.