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Peh said:
vivster said:

Delay is irrelevant when watching videos because they're buffered. A 4k video stream at 60Hz is less than 50Mbit/s over a wireless connection. That's possible for any regular Wifi. It would be very easy to create a high quality wireless VR headset specifically for video streaming. Roight now I'm using my oculus go to do exactly that. Starting a video player on the device and then stream content from my PC via DLNA.

Of course interactive games have much higher requirements because they do things differently, but for those I wouldn't need a wireless connection in the first place.

Ok, i misunderstood you. You just want a VR device for video streaming only....I don't think that such a device exists, at all. I'm not even aware if there will be one. I assume the market for such a thing is not really there.

The standalone headsets fit the bill quite well but they're just too low quality because if it's not connected to a PC people don't even expect quality. I just want 4k or more with very high FOV. Probably not gonna happen anytime soon with standalones which are more focused on portability.

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