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chakkra said:
John2290 said:

Just grow your studios MS. Don't snake the talent when you're an underdog. No one will route for you eith tactics like that and you'll not only hurt yourselves but the studios you acquire and the industry as a whole. I'm one of the people who was routing for you after e3 and such amazing steps being put into place, I even overlooked the NinjaTheory buy as something that wad needed for headlines to push the other news of growing four other studios which was one of my favourite developers (Heavenly sword, DMC reboot, Hellblade). I like obsidian less, as they are hit and miss but these tactics are something that makes me feel spite and much, much less likely to buy your next box even if Obsidian make a Divinity tier ARPG or a New Vegas tier third person RPG. 

Just grow your own talent and cultivate it and you have a chance at reaching Sony and Nintendo levels in 6-20 years and I'll be aboard to throw my money to support that growth. But this... just count me out. 

I find your style of writing rather fascinating.  You make it seem as if you are actually expecting for someone at MS to read your post.

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.
First, you must fast for 2 weeks, then purify yourself in the blood of virgins, then one must trek to the holy mountain, where one chants the holy words, before inscribing one's prayer to the gods into your own flesh. Then, if the stars align, a magic pigeon will carry your wishes to be heard by the gods in Redmond, Washington, where if your purity was true they will read your message.
Of course, they still won't care.

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 10 October 2018