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Chazore said:

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that every time. I'll still be waiting to see it, in full (and I mean in full, not your view of what in full means, i'm talking mine).

Two games, and once they announce them for Xbox, I'll know where the original design was really going for. Diligaf about cloud streaming bullcrap.

Soo, I believe they will, going off of how studios that have existed under MS have been ran, and those that were ran into the ground for that matter...

Nah, MS purchase for the Xbox "family", which doesn't include all of PC, just their little walled eco-system, which PC isn't btw.

No, you are a fan of buyouts, because you're defending this one and you will by definition of fact, defend future buyouts related to MS. I dare you, I dare your very soul to argue against future MS buyouts in favour of other systems and non Windows 10 related PC's, but you won't, because I know you by now to see that you think it's good for everyone regardless of any argument that could ever be made against MS/Win 10. 

Keep telling myself what exactly? That MS support the PC industry? I don't get what you are arguing over. Are you saying the opposite? 

Lets not act like there are only 2 MS games on PC, majority of Xbox games are available on PC and they just announced another 5+ games heading to Steam that are MS exclusives. How much more evidence do you actually need? Age Of Empires was Remastered on PC and it remains exclusive to PC. That just proves they still design games with M & K in mind which means they are still building games with PC as there primary.

So you are going off there past on how MS ran there studios? Than you will agree Bungie were one of the best devs going around under MS?

As long as the game is available on PC and doesn't require me to forcefully buy another piece of Hardware than I am okay with that and I can safely bet that Obsidian's next game will also be available on PC. 

Your hate for MS is fine by me, I honestly don't care, I happily game on both MS and Steam so as long as they continue to put games on PC, it doesn't bother me what I log into.

Your last paragraph? Lets just say it made me laugh. I guess you also avoid the fact I am a huge Nintendo and Steam fan. But I guess go with what suits your assumptions.