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While it's true that 62% of the voters don't care about Bolsonaro's extremist views, I think it's important to note that a lot of them aren't necessarily ok with them, which is an important distinction. The economic crisis, corruption, increase in violence, these are all factors that made people sick of the PT. With this I guess I'm just trying to say of course Bolsonaro's narrative is going to be bolstered given that he's leading in the polls, but let's hope that this doesn't later reflect in a real, tangible shift to a society that tolerates violence, hate and prejudice later on. Right now, you could argue that, realistically, things are just as right as they were 4 years ago, people suddenly didn't get enamored with the guy's ideas, they're voting for him for different reasons.

As for what happened in your town, sorry to hear that, but, again, let's hope it's just something temporary. Try to put your mind on other business and stay away from political environments the most you can.