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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

Hilarious. So khabib does what mcgregor does aka being a trash talking bully and he gets a free pass. I can't believe you say its just business for khabib which in fact its not. His unprofessional behaviour after defending his belt proved its not business and instead personal. In fact his actions were anti business. They didn't pay him the 2m he was due and he'll be heavily fined and suspended possibly losing the belt.


McGregor on the other hand has always said its business after his fights even with aldo who he mentally destroyed for 2 years before they fought. Showed him respect as soon as he beat him. I find this hilarious because when mcgregor fought khabib he actually told khabib its just business. He said it just as round 3 ended which mcgregor won according to the judges scorecards. That's also the first round khabib lost his entire career. Anyway it's clearly shown at the very start of this video. It's only business and mcgregor is damn good at making business.

OMG man do you have a reading comprehension problem? there are levels to talking trash, talking about your family, disrespecting your religion and country, and making death threats, is a huge difference then  calling out someone to fight, trash talking is ok by me, but conner is on a different level.

So trash talk is fine... as long as it doesn't involve family, religion, country or threatening someone? I mean... it's going to be pretty damn tame trash talking you allow by your standards, it's below the level of primary school "your mom" trash talk that 10 year olds do.

Unless you're talking about someone else entirely, this Conner person? I could be having a reading comprehension problem.

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