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I got psvr at launch, got a pro to go with it when it launched. 2017 was the best gaming year for me since 1998, even topped it.

This year I took a break from VR because I got addicted to GT Sport (can't play online in VR unfortunately) however since Astrobot I'm back to regularly putting the headset on. No problem putting it back on after 6 months and it's amazing me just as much as putting it on the first time.

The only downside is move. The move controllers started to irritate me with their limitations, frequent need of recharging (I got old ones from ps3 days), shoddy tracking when crossing the headset or each other, and the horrible button placement. Move needs to die. So I was glad Astrobot does not need move :)

I'm tempted to buy another headset for 4K pass through. I'm constantly switching cables for 4K HDR with ARC or PSVR with direct 5.1 sound. Are there any good multiplayer games to justify having two with the other running on the base ps4? Although I guess I would need another camera as well. I really just want a solution without the breakout box. Next gen better have a dedicated port on the front if not wireless.