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John2290 said:
d21lewis said:

I think the Oculus Go had some of the best image quality around when it comes to watching videos (including porn). It at least blows the PSVR away.


I'm just here to say I've been playing Astrobots Rescue all morning and IT IS FANTASTIC. I'm getting thrills I haven't had since Super Mario Galaxy. I usually don't praise Sony because they seem to follow the cinematic gameplay route a little more than I'd like. This game is pure creative game play, and joy. I LOVE IT. It must be played to be appreciated!

I thought the Go was great too until I bought a pro and downloaded a 5k VR video. Now PSVR beats everything in terms of porn and 180 degree videos. Maybe the Odessy on a beastly PC can do better but the screen is the limitation on Vive and Oculus. The more pixels you add to PSVR for porn videos the better it looks, the others cap and the Go can't seem to handle much over 1440p with a dtable framerate which starts to look like dog shite after viewing 4k and above. 

Something about the PSVR and Oddessy screens just seem like the technology and power underneath them is what's holding them back yet the Vive and Oculus have mad power but are held back by the less than stellar lens with the cagey looking SDE and the shinieness that comes at you from the blacks. PsVR SDE casts a sheen over the scene that adds something to it and the more pixels you fill in the smoother that sheen gets, the other lens (bar the Odessy) always have that cage effect that is distracting and you're brain knows it's in front of your face. 

I've got a PS4 Pro, too. In fact, the PSVR made me buy a Pro and the Pro made me buy a 4K Sony Bravia. I just can't agree with you. Even when I look up any comparisons, they lean towards the Go. It made me subscribe to a premium site for the first time in my life! 


Not only does downloaded content look better  on the Go to my eyes (sometimes I download the PSVR version to my Go because it's usually a smaller download while retaining higher than mobile phone quality) it can stream from most sites with no problem so I often don't have to download anything at all. Plus it's totally wireless. I will admit that I have a day one PSVR so the later version might have better image quality.

Google says the PSVR resolution is 1080×1200 while the Oculus Go is 2560×1449 (1280×1440 per eye)

Download the Skybox video player for the Go. You'll never go back!

Last edited by d21lewis - on 09 October 2018

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