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think-man said:
It's probably not going to much more powerful than the Xbox one X if it wants to stay competitively priced.

I think the PS5 will at least be x4 as powerful in everything of the XBOX and yet it will be $100 cheaper.

For today's tech, the PS4 already could be selling at $199, but Sony does not want it to because they are still selling a lot consoles (and the profit would be minimal).  Then the PRO would be $299.  and the possible PS5 $399 at most (most probably not having profit at launch).

the PRO just is not a major breakthrough on its own because it is just a PS4 with more stuff (while trying to not be expensive); so considering this; the PS5 will be at its core very similar to the PS4, but the way they will use the memory bandwith, RAM, CPU and GPU will at least be x4 as powerful as the XBOX.

Sony and Mark Cerny wont disappoint