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John2290 said:
Mar1217 said:
I do have the Oculus Go ... it's definitely an alright experience. The VR effects are pretty mindblowing (immersion-wise) though I think the Oculus Quest is what I should have waited for actually if I wanted an actual better gaming experience ...

Nah. Ya need to get PSVR and use mobile VR for media only. Gaming is better on devices that have gaming at the frontline of their marketing like PSVR/vive etc. Quest may be better for games but the games may never come or few of them and it'll be a subpar experience for twice the price of PSVR on sale. 

I second this.

While "The Go" has some great VR experiences like Face Your Fears and The Diary of Anne Frank, and it's a media beast, it's pretty weak compared to the PSVR.

My Go is mostly for watching movies and videos (which it does better than the PSVR) but it's like comparing a PS1 to a PS3 or an early PS4 when it comes to games. I do find myself using the Oculus Go more frequently, though. Mostly because of ease of access. Just grab it and you're in VR in two seconds.

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