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John2290 said:

I didn't intend to imply that as a whole or that people are skeptical because it's a rational front to put up which is something I also said among other things. I'm saying that's a decent chunk of people. EDIT (small group of vocal people :D) 

I don't wanna get into a flame chain, dude. You're in a heated one with Errorist76 ;), and I don't want in haha and I worded that badly, I was in a rush and on mobile so I don't blame ya for taking it as a blanket statement,  I was speaking from personal and anecdotal experience, Ididn't intend it so and people in this very thread prove it to be wrong at any rate. 

Well you did, because you basically called those who share varying degrees of skepticism as "haters" and "parrots". You sued two labels against a group that do not confine nor share your viewpoint. There is nothing rational in readily labeling people who do not agree with your opinion on something, if anything it shows unwillingness to accept whatever the other side has to say, simply because they do not share the some PoV.

I know you don't, but it becomes a chain when the gas is thrown onto the fire. If you didn't want the fire to grow, then don't throw gas, don't toss labels around like candy and willingly trying to insult another group by calling them "parrots" or "haters", because all that ever does is invite conflict.

I originally wouldn't be making any such replies, had we not decided to split people into groups of two and labeling one over the other. Everything would be just dandy if we didn't have to insult another side for not sharing the same opinion. 

I'm not mad at you or Errorist btw, I'm just a bit disappointed in the need to dismantle another side's say, simply because it is not shared by the other group.

Errorist76 said:


That’s basically all I need to know. Thank you for proving my point.

Your point of what exactly?.

You want to brush over the folk who aren't interested?, why would you even consider doing that?, what ultimate purpose does that serve?. 

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So pay up motherfuckers you belong to "V"