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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
PwerlvlAmy said:

Once again I go by his actual track record and his history and its one I approve of.  That's all I needed. He will be a good justice, I'm looking forward to it. 

And his "actual" track record now includes liar under oath. That isn't a fabrication I made, lol. He did lie. That is part of his track record. It is odd to pretend like none of this matters. It is like going to a job interview with a Swastika tattoo but saying that it is not part of your track record. That might be too far because all he's shown is that he is an irrational hot head and also a liar. But obviously that is very much a part of the hiring process. 

Only to the Left, minus more sensible Dems like Manchin, is that on his record.  You have no proof he lied, yet continue to perpetuate that falsehood.  Interesting how you guys want to argue semantics to make it seem like he lied, usually falsely saying that he stated he was a choir boy, when he didn't, but don't want to put any scrutiny on the person who 100% lied under oath.  Ford.  Who gets a pass on getting emotional, even without a single shred of proof to back up her story, while you guys bash Kavanaugh for being human.

I don't know if it's just that you guys don't care or are just unaware, but continuing to lob such hatred at a man who has not had any credible evidence brought against him is going to hurt you in the mid-terms.  You guys are already starting to slide in the polls.  You might want to stop while you are still ahead.