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Errorist76 said:

It’s just a fact that many of the sceptics and naysayer have little to no experience with VR themselves. At least with good, real 6DOF VR and full games for it. It might be you’re one of them, it might be you’re not, but I’m sure you understand that owners of VR systems are at least sceptical of the credibility of people who don’t own a system themselves.

It's not a "fact", it's a viewpoint. There are people out there who flat out don't like VR and have no intentions of trying it, so why label them as something petty as "parrots" for not wanting to try what you clearly like?. Do you think it's reasonable to go into a restaurant and force feed someone else your food, and if they don't want it you have to belittle them for it?.

"it might be you're one of them", do you see just how quick you are with the brush?, simply because I'm not aligned with your viewpoint.

I'd be about as skeptical of folk around here who have little to no knowledge of PC's and PC gaming, yet we have that a lot on here, and it certainly doesn't stop anyone otherwise. 

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