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Texas has very similar demographics to California, but one reason Texas is red and California is blue is because in California every citizen is able to vote. A federal court has ruled seven times that Texas Republicans drew their congressional districts with racial discriminatory intent, but the federal court in Texas won't have the final say on this. That's where the Supreme Court comes in and they'll have the final say, and that's why Republicans are so desperately wanting to get Kavanaugh confirmed.

The more Justices republicans get to pick, the more those justices gets to protect unlimited campaign spending, and voter suppression laws which helps more republicans get elected.


Indiana purged 460k voters. -

Georgia is freezing 50k newly registered Black voters -

North Dakota is disenfranchising thousands of Native Americans -

Florida’s voter registration site went down two days before the deadline (and they never fixed it). -

Last edited by deskpro2k3 - on 13 October 2018