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John2290 said:
Peh said:

I don't get people saying that it's not "there" yet and waiting for way higher tech and lower more affordable costs. You can wait 10-20 years until it's "there" the meantime, I enjoy this, now.

Exactly. I suspect many just don't know how much it is "there" and are parroting this. I was one of them after listening to reviewers and dabbling in shoddy mobile vr setups and then I bought PSVR and my eyes were opened. I've tried all the three main headsets now aswell as Odessy WMR and I can say it's "there"... or at least it's somewhere and that somewhere is a great and magnificent place. Haters will hate, people who are skeptical will remain skeptical as it's the rational and 'cool' image to put out there and people will parrot what they think it is or pit forth their skeptisism as fact until they try it and are lucky enough that when they do they don't try mobile VR as many, I would assume think is VR proper ;). 

I like how we've somehow formed two divides, the "enlightened" and the other the lowly uneducated "parrots".

"my eyes were opened", that's the kind of stuff console players rolled their eyes about for whenever someone mentioned that about modding or discovering higher end hw on PC. Interesting to see it being used here and not being able to be put into question (seemingly).

Defenders gonna defend, just as much as someone who disagrees with your view is somehow labeled as a "hater", the opposite will also be labeled. I do not "hate" VR, I simply have higher standards than some folk on here, and where I'd like VR to go isn't anywhere close to "where it's at".

Also, people can be skeptical without having to come off as "cool", but I guess you aren't aware of that, going by how you write about those skeptical folk.

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