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Machiavellian said:
Aura7541 said:

The actual results were 50 - 48, not 51 - 49. Because it was a close vote, flipping one "yay" to "nay" would not allow Kavanaugh to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. And once again, you haven't addressed my thesis at all. Now, you're just arguing for argument's sake and wanting to have the last word. I mean sure, go ahead and have the last word, but doesn't necessarily mean what you will say after this comment will have much substance considering your pattern.

I know what the result were, you did not fully read what I wrote.  I stated if nothing changed it would be 51 - 49 which is the Republicans majority vote.  In other words, the Dems would have had to flip 2 people since Pence would be the deciding vote and we pretty much know where that vote is going.  So how would bringing up issues the Republican support flip 2 votes when they were already fast tracking him through.  This is my main question, what exactly in your list you brought up would swing 2 votes, at least this incident swung one vote but it still wasn't even close by partisan lines.

That does not reflect what actually happened and I'd rather base my conclusions on actual results rather than hypothetical results.

Lastly, how about you fully read what I wrote, namely my thesis in which you failed to address three times? Considering that you've missed the point this many times even after I already pointed that out to you previously, I don't see the point in continuing. Your response was well within what I expected from you.