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EricHiggin said:

This documentary says otherwise. Just look at what some of the reputable people interviewed in it have to say, right at the very beginning.

Climate change fluctuates initially because of the sun and it's variable output. Clouds and carbon, etc, follows as a result, so they explain. They even bring to light the politics behind it, which we all know politics has it's hands in almost everything.

The title of the video is a little misleading, as it doesn't try to disprove climate change, it just explains the main factor is not carbon as we've been told.

That's pure bullshit. If it were true then the earth would be cooling off for years again, as solar activity is very low right now.

Solar activity is cyclic, every dozen years or so the sun switches between high and low activity, but the climate doesn't follow suit. The melting isn't stopping (which it should have by now according to that theory), it's not getting cooler, the sea level continues to rise (even outside of the melting due to thermal expansion, the warmer the oceans, the more volume they take)...

That "documentary" had been largely criticized by most climatologists, and also some scientists appearing in the flick who got quote mined and misrepresented.