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contestgamer said:
If you live in the west then the effects of climate change are unlikely to be felt in your life time. I wouldnt worry about it or waste my 'energy' trying to save energy.

The changes are already felt in Europe, where the summers keep getting hotter and dryer. Forrest fires were extremely rare 20-30 years ago, now you get several each and every year.

In the US, it's mostly felt in Miami and New Orleans which are fighting against drowning from sea level rise. Miami has puddles of saltwater in some streets at high tide due to seawater flowing through the sewers and spilling up into the streets. New Orleans is subsiding on top of the sea level rise, the wetlands around the city are shrinking as they get filled with saltwater. Another Katrina would pretty much make the city unhabitable.

I don't know if you have a family or even kids, but if you do, would you really want to leave a wasteland for them since you couldn't care for the future?