atoMsons said:
He's not wrong with his analysis. People just spread hysteria based fear. It's not about anything factual. And I love how the girl who says she was raped just generalizes everything based on pure personal experience. How do you attend college and can not separate an issue from personal bias. She doesn't understand that this is a critical thinking exercise, yet she resorts to yelling and hysteria to get people on her side. If she got raped, that's awful. But it doesn't change the fact that we're not condoning rape in any way as a society. I don't know who she hangs out with, but I don't see people around here at all saying rape is okay, or tolerable in any manner. Don't we demonize rapists almost as much as pedophiles? Last year, 30 reports of rape were found per 100,000 people (roughly 1:3,400). Do you know the murder statistic? Are you sure you want to know? If we have a rape culture, we must surely all be psychopaths too.

Talking anything about social issues is just asking for it not to be productive.

Like I said before, these people have no argument. They express their feeling but no actual facts when they have nothing of worth to say. 

I also believe its a strategy the feminist started using that Since men cant experience what they feel during rape, then they cant argue with them about how they think its worst thing in the world. Even worst than murder. Its a way to shut down an argument by saying basically they cant weigh in since they dont have the experience. Like the no uterus no opinion on abortion thing.  

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