Mr Puggsly said:
Pemalite said:
There are certain areas of society where Rape is more prevalent than others and that needs to be looked at and not just shoved to the side or trivialized which some conservatives would certainly like to do.

One thing to keep in mind though... Is that a Youtube video evidence does not make, it's just an opinion piece and should be taken as such like any other opinion piece on these forums that isn't backed up by citations.

Hopefully this thread ends up being productive, but doubts have been had.

Bullshit, conservative take rape seriously. Liberals simply act like lunatics about it and go on witch hunts. If anything conservatives are sick of dems using rape for political gains.

If people want to discourage rape, I absolutely support that on paper. But maybe we should also discourage gang murders which are among the more preventable types of murder with law enforcement. It seems to be a big problem in left wing controlled cities. But going after gangs becomes a racial issue of course so lets ignore it.

Exactly this. I would even add that its democrats who trivialize rape by making any little thing rape. They are trying to make any unconfort a woman feels a form of rape and want the same punishment for it.

While I would not have a problem if they are actually trying to witch hunt actual rapist, I think nobody would be against that, but like all witch hunts it started with something substantial and now they want to lump rapist in the same category as like the anziz anzari case, someone wo just had a bad date.

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