OlfinBedwere said:
eva01beserk said:

Did you not see the kavenaugh hearing? Acusations with zero evidence at all almost ruined that mans life.

How about recently the anzis anzari thing, one bad date and he got acused of rape and lost everything.

The talking dead guy, again zero evidence, investigation was made, cleared him and people still call him a rapist.

Mattres girl, who loved the rouf sex, heard another girl got the same frm him, acused him of rape.

Asian argento, theres a F**king picture of them laying bed together cuddling with a minor and she still trying to acuse the boy of rape.

You are just in denial if you think cases arent poping up all the time.

Me to was a weapon that got overused, now people just stoped being afraid of it and are fighting back. You SJW's just have yourselfs to blame.

Firstly, that's not what I asked. You implied that men were at as much risk of being falsely accused of sexual harassment and/or rape as women were of actually having those crimes happen to them. Regardless of those high-profile examples you cited, do you have any proof that this is something happening in wider society?

Secondly, you do understand that "unproven accusation" doesn't automatically equate to "false accusation", right?

on the same metric, how do you actually determine the risk of being falsly accused is not just as high as the one of actually being raped? a rape accusation does not correspond to an actual rape until it's proven, right?


Basically what I'm saying is you're correctly calling him out on on equating one "risk" to the other, but it goes both ways. Someone added in a comment women had a 1/5 chance to get raped and I fail to see how that's any more valid than his false rape accusation argument.