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Lonely_Dolphin said:
Another example of why you shouldn't only look at price without factoring in value: Wii U Basic vs. Deluxe. The system didn't sell much yeah, but of what it did sell while the Basic was on shelves, the majority was the Deluxe model despite being $50 more expensive. The Basic model was discontinued in just a year.

Going back to the 2DS, I remember hearing that the more expensive models sold better, but I can't find a source for this. However we still have the ultimate source, sales! Looking at the effect it had on overall sales, it barely did anything. 2013 when the 2DS launched was the system's best year, but not by much. 14m compared to 12.5m in 2011 and 13.5m in 2012. Next year 2014 sales dropped to 8.5m.

Offcourse, there is point of value also, and Deluxe was much better value than Basic model, compared to Basic model Deluxe model offerd much more equipment, much more internal memory (Basic had like 2GB memory available to consumers), and game, so all that for just a $50 more was much better value. But thats quite difrent story compared to current Switch story, best comparison with current Switch and Switch Mini/Pocket would be comparison with 3DS and 2DS.

2DS penetreed 3DS into kids, familes, casual market, only after 2DS some people start buying multiply 3DS consoles for home esapcily after 2DS price cut, for instance buying 2DS for each of their kid. 2DS didn't need to sell better than 3DS XL for instance, but it was aiming at different demography on market compared to 3DS XL, so point is to offer different price point for different type of revisions that aiming at difrent parts of market. You can bet that without 2DS, sales would be much worse than they are.