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Miyamotoo said:
Nautilus said:

But thats the problem.The Switch is not a handheld, its a hybrid.You could say that since its half handheld, it would inherit not only its traits but also its overall market strategies.But the same can be said about its home console side, and we know how many revisions they had, and how often they are.Personally, it dosent make sense.Nintendo would be wasting an Ace they would have in their sleeves too early instead of using one that is more natural at this stage and would have a far bigger impact without a secong SKU in the market, which is the price cut.Not to mention that, if they introduce the Switch Pro(Because it wont be a Switch mini that is entirely handheld, thats never going to happen, just plain wont) after the price cut, they can make more people double dip, than if they release said SKU before the price drop.The facts simply dosent add up.

I have no doubt in my mind that Nintendo is already hard at work in an improved Switch, but I dont think its comming in 2019 at all.And about the rumor:No matter that the report is about Nintendo making something, if people want to talk about wether its a Pro, or a Mini, or a Switch Station or whatever, with the details that there is on the report, its simply too vague to make one conclusion or another.

Current Switch is hybrid buy concept but its handheld hardware. You need to start looking at Switch like platform not just single device, look at 3DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, 2DS, 2DS XL, they are all part of 3DS platfor, Switch will defiantly have multiply revisons, I can bet that Switch will at least have low price offer of platform (Switch Mini/Pocket), mid price offer of Switch (current Switch model) and higher price point offer (Switch Pro). Talking about cheaper Switch Mini/Pocket that will definatly happen in same way, think about 2DS, it dont have 3D, it dont have clamshell design, some 3DS games cant work on it at all, but Nintendo releases it simple because they made much more affordible offer of 3DS family compared to regular 3DS.

Every handheld revision come out after around 2 years of launch of handheld, and with point that 3DS is dying and Nintendo will left whithout low price offer on market, it make much more sense to release low price offer on Switch not more stronger and more pricey offer of Switch platform, espacily when want to start selling like one-per-person instead one-per-household like is curently selling.

Its also worth mentioning that Pokemon rearly happening without a cheaper revision for maximum reach in their targer audience, and next year will also have Animal Crossing and Pokemon gen 8. So Nintendo probable planned cheaper version to be ready for AC and Pokemon launch.

Gamers are too attached to past trends and always forget to analise current situations and possible future scenarios based on these present trends.Its not because that the DS and 3DS had multiple revisions and SKUs that the Switch will have one.Its not because that the Switch have mobile components that Nintendo will treat it more like a handheld than a home console(Data shows that the use betwenn both modes are about equal).Look at what is currently happening, not only looking at what happened already.

What is happening already:Nintendo heavily markets and develop games that uses both modes, not to mention that they market the hardware as a hybrid.What does that mean: They wont jeoparfize that vision, that focus just to have a small bump in profits.It would hurt the long term strategy and thus, the viability of the system.If they make a Switch that has no detachable joycons and its not made to dock in mind(Home console), you are severely limiting not only the Switch potential, because you are offering a worse product at the cost of little gain(The cut in costs of production would be really small), but you are potentially fracturing its own audience, due to games wither having necessity of the joycons being separated from the hardware itself, or just because of games that are played better on the TV rather than the small screen on the system.You could say that they could simply buy the acessories separetely, but then thats an extra cost, and its a hard pill for the consumer to swallow, given that they would feel that they are not getting the full experience.

Plus, your example with the myriad of 3DS revisions is simply not good.When the 3DS did have its downgrade, the 2DS, it never fundamentally hurted the 3DS appeal or system.You still played the same games, in the only way they could be played.You would lose the 3D sure, but the 3D never added anything fundamentally essential to the games, and thus it made no real difference.The Switch is quite the contrary, you are literally robbing its customer 50% of the system appeal if you make it purely a home console or a handheld console.It would make Nintendo life a living hell:It would make the Switch that much harder to market, it would muddle the Switch message and meaning to the overall market, some games would not function with certain SKUs, or simply would not be as good as they should have been because they were more envisioned to be played in a certain way, and so on.

And yet Pokemon Lets go is happening later this year, and so hardware revision is to be seen.I know its not a core title, but Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are trying their hardest to make it sell like one.Animal Crossing has its best selling titles in handheld systems, but that never stopped the home consoles games selling well too(City Folk sold close to 5 million in the Wii according to VGC).Stop looking sorely on the past.Records and cultures are set because someone decided to take the first step somewhere along the way, and Nintendo is the most famous company in the industry to innovate.

Plus, let me ask you this question:Why do you think that its easier to have a cheaper option by making a new SKU, rather than simply dropping the price on the SKU that, for as far as we know, is probably using the cheapest parts possible for the performance Nintendo was going for?

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.