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Honestly, I think its too soon.I mean, at least in my view, it dosent make sense the reasoning behind it, which it is to keep Switch sales momentum going.If that were the case, all Nintendo had to do is give the system a price cut, and leave the revision for later, which I assume would have an 1080p screen and better performance exclusively to get the resolutions on undocked mode to 1080p and keep the framerate steady and acceptable.Maybe to also improve overall performance on docked mode too.Not to mention any other benefits they could also fit in there, such as bigger storage size.

I dont know.For me, a revision for 2020 makes far more sense.It should be noted that this is a report, and thus a "rumor", so always take these news with a grain of salt.

Last edited by Nautilus - on 04 October 2018

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.