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I said end of 2019, though I thought you were talking about the normal revisions to Nintendo's portables. I don't expect a more powerful Switch (outside of maybe just the latest version of its cpu which will maybe give a little better battery life or improve any frame rate issues in current games or whatever). But no there isn't gonna be like a Pro type system. But I do expect end of next year they'll come out with a new revision priced at $300 so they can drop the OG Switch to $250. The revision I'd expect would fill in some of the dead space with a bigger screen, maybe have a little better battery life, and maybe like 128GB disk space...I just realized I really can't think of a way to improve the Switch other that those three things. Switch is pretty close to perfect as is. But no doubt they'll do something to keep a $300 price on the market for premium buyers for another couple of years.