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quickrick said:
OTBWY said:

I know these two will dissapoint a lot of folks from a certain camp. That greatness awaits one.

It honestly not about camp, its just nothing about both games look epic, pokemon looks a dumbed down version of old games,and smash just looks like a ultimate version of brawl, after playing and seeing spiderman, GOW, and those games look boring to me, unlike zelda and mario from last year which looked epic.

You’re comparing two adventure games to a fighting game and a JRPG. Though it’s more funny that you see Smash as becoming a disappointment than anything. Especially with the game doing well in preorders and showing that it’s more than an ultimate version of one game of its series. What do you expect it to sell and how do you think it will fare in reviews, if you’re gonna compare it to other games on the OP’s list?