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PwerlvlAmy said:
cycycychris said:
I don't think someone of Kav stature at this point could ever seriously be expected to hear and fairly rule on women rights in the future. his nomination has been a sham and he is in no way fit for the supreme court. Ms. Ford has been put through hell due to this asshole and provided plenty of evidence during here testimony that this is not something that came up all of sudden during the process. People expecting here to recount every detail of an event that happen 30 years ago are just looking for reason to discredit her. Kav refusal to cooperate with a FBI investigation and his hostility toward democrats brings no favors from me towards him. I mean the dude even said Clinton is the reason he is being blamed, we don't need this partisan nutjob on the supreme court. The vote should be delayed and overall a new nominee should be chosen.

She can't remember anything, holes all over her story,people she named in her statements,all denied her story,etc. Kav passed 6 background checks by the FBI already. This is a political hit,no question about that.  So gotta disagree all the way with your assessment 

Whether or not you believe Ford made all this up as an elaborate "hit job" (and a very personally dangerous one, ie. committing perjury), the fact is that Kavanaugh's _reaction_ to these accusations, with his wild partisan conspiracy theories and unhinged yelling/crying Academy Award performance at the hearing should disqualify him. He is temperamentally and ideologically unfit to sit on the Supreme Court, period.