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Asriel said:

I wouldn't necessarily say this is definitely a tease, but I think after the Cranky Kong debacle a few years back, Nintendo have a much better sense of the kind of announcements and trailers that the Game Awards' audience will expect or respond to, and Metroid fits the bill. It's a more 'serious' Nintendo title which will target an older demographic, and it's something critics and journalists will get excited about, which will move the hype cycle.

If you think, since the Cranky announcement at the Spike Awards in 2013, at the Game Awards Nintendo have shifted approach. They had early Zelda footage in 2014 (the first gameplay footage of the game), a Zelda trailer in 2016, and Bayonetta 3 and the Bayonetta ports for Switch in 2017 (I don't think Nintendo announced anything in 2015?). The emphasis on games like Zelda and Bayonetta, means that something like a Prime 4 reveal would make a lot of sense this year. I'd been hoping it would happen - we might even see a Prime Trilogy HD announcement as a release for early 2019, as with last year's Bayo 1/2 ports.

To be fair TGA is quite different format and much bigger show generaly than VGX, and Nintendo was very good at TGA from beginning of that show in 2014.