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d21lewis said:
COKTOE said:

I looked it up, and it's 2 disks. Apparently the player never needed to swap disks ( good thing, that would totally ruin a game like GTA V. lol ) just install the first disk and play off the second. Actually, that 15.5gb file size range was quite common on the PS3 as far as first and third party exclusives were concerned. The 3 PS3 Yakuza games were all around the 20gb mark for example.

-Just for fun, I looked up the file sizes for FF XIII. 18gb on the 360 and 38gb on the PS3. I'm quite sure that was due in large part to the usage of blu-ray quality cutscenes in the PS3 version.

For seem reason, a ton of games were twice as big on PS3 last gen. Some even had mandatory installs. I think people here said it was because of "redundant data" on the disc or something. 

It had to do with audio files. PS3 versions of games had better quality audio.