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shikamaru317 said:
COKTOE said:

Only the 360 version had multiple disks. 2 of them.

I seem to remember installing 3 discs on my 360, but might have been 2. Regardless, the game was huge on last gen, 15.5 GB, and that was before GTA Online was added. GTA V had one of the biggest installs of any 7th gen game, there were only a handful of 3 disc games like Final Fantasy 13 which were larger, and GTA V ended up passing them all after GTA Online hit. It was so big that it wouldn't fit on a launch model 20 GB Xbox 360 after GTA Online hit.

No, God of War 3 was 35 GB on PS3. GoW: Ascension was 40 GB. PS3 games were bigger than Xbox 360 games, certainly the exclusives, as the Blu Ray Disk allowed for much bigger space. PS3 games had better audio as a result.