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in the past few months alone a ton of controversy surrounding him has been unearthed. a while ago, he started a youtube channel, and to this day is still a dedicated youtuber. for a time it seemed innocent enough, he seemed to have a ton of pride in his own work, not much else to say. but it didnt take long for him to lower himself to clickbait tactics to get more views. his videos started following the formula of having a shocking title, briefly discussing it during the first 2 minutes, and then going off on a tangent to something else entirely for the remaining 90% of the video. it was during this period where his podcast with Tara Strong occurred.

then things started to get really strange. he openly quit working at Nickelodeon and almost immediately began work on his own personal streaming service, and this was when the drama ensued. the Kickstarter for his project "Oaxis" came off as very vague, not mentioning a single other attached personality or IP, with the hopes of becoming as big as Netflix within about 3 years, and of course his favorite catch phrase "Im Butch Hartman, I made your childhood!". already you can start to sense some shade. on the last day of the Kickstarter he was about 100,000 short of his goal when he uploaded a video basically begging people to give him money for his project. the day went on and about $50,000 more got donated before the final hour when the last of the money was miraculously donated, giving the project just enough to reach its goal, which was very shady.

soon after that, video footage started leaking of Butch openly exclaiming that he was creating Oaxis as a christian entertainment service, which was never mentioned before on his kickstarter page. He started a livestream to promote the project and answer questions, one of the most frequently asked being "will it support lgbt content?", yet it was never addressed. a previous co-worker of his came out and added fuel to the fire, explaining how he acted at Nick. during awards and meetings he would always praise himself exclusively for his work, never once thanking his crew, and claiming that this was "gods plan for him". he never even showed the slightest bit of respect for anyone else. finally, a video leaked showing him openly saying that people had no right to criticize him since they had never accomplished anything themselves and that he did not care that people were not against his service. he was going to keep chugging on forward not caring about any of the negative press.

gonna stop here since its getting long, but you get the picture. in under a year he has shattered his reputation of about 30 years into dust.