So has anybody else played the demo for this game? Refrain is a Dungeon RPG like Etrian Odyssey, Wizardry, or Darkest Dungeon. It was made by Nippon Ichi, so if you like the visuals of Disgaea and the complexity it has that in spades. I thought the voice acting and story in the demo were ultra cringeworthy though. Between Luca's super high pitched voice, and the bad fanservice, I couldn't really wait for each cutscene to end. A huge difference between the Etrian Odyssey games, and this was the inability to see the map at all times. Constantly having to bring up the map menu, instead of just being able to glance at a bottom screen was a huge hit to QoL. The demo didn't have much of a boss battle, so it was really hard to get a feel for the combat. Regular enemies were just bowled over by my team, without any thought whatsoever. 

I wanted to get this game, and I might still get it eventually. But the demo did nothing but kill my hype levels for this game. Perhaps the game really ramps up in the next few levels, but what I saw so far was kinda meh. 

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