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I see only two actual improvements in OP that are not obvious "coming soon" features.

These items are not really needing of being called out as they are good now and have some rather obvious future use:
1. NES will not be the only system. There will surely be additional apps for other consoles like they have done for VC and the Classic physical consoles.
2. Club Nintendo already is pretty awesome now if you buy digital. The gold coins are a great concept that can easily save you a consistently on any games you buy. I love this. I can't wait to see how they offer additional features in the new Special Offers section. I'll be buying the wireless controllers.

This is where the core of your discussion lies:
The voice chat is something that I expect to improve but don't hate the current solution. I hated the initial vision where you had wires between console, phone, head. That was stupid. However, I don't hate the idea of having bluetooth (or wired) headset connected to phone and separate console in my hands. We must remember that Switch is both a home and portable console. So any solution should be best usable in both scenarios. I think with all of the chat apps available (discord, facebook, snap, hangouts, facetime, group calls, etc), it makes a lot of sense to allow your smartphone or tablet (something pretty much anyone has at this point) be the main driver for your game focused voice chat. This is really the only solution that would work well and quickly for any company. Forcing you to only use the functionality via the console would be a limiting experience in the long run. I think Nintendo is actually ahead of the competition on this right now. Yes, it is brand new and will take time to fully mature, but as it does, we will see MSony mirroring this option. Granted it sorta is already there as you can just use discord or other stuff separately now, but Nintendo has it interwoven with the game now. What we do need to see is Nintendo beef up the functionality to combine the in-game sound with voice. That is an excellent call-out that they will want to achieve to make the experience better.

SMS texting is a no go for me. Keep it out.
In a day and age where snap is the preferred messaging service, I don't see this being a thing for very much longer. I'm surprised you even brought it up. Text works well on PC because of a keyboard. But in consoles, text sucks and is naturally limiting. Focus on building voice and adding in quick simple options for things like emoticons, stickers, etc. That is where you'll find love for Nintendo's typical quirkiness. It would also allow a bridge between the image capture features of the Switch and hopefully a return of the Miiverse drawing / stamps of some form.

One feature missing you didn't call out is how the app won't work behind other apps, closed, etc. At least this was an issue previously... maybe its fixed in the new version, I didn't test yet. I should be able to setup my group who can all be playing whatever or maybe not even playing or even near their switch (big bonus for Nintendo solution vs MSony) and toss my phone in my pocket while wearing my bluetooth headset which controls the volume, muting, etc. That is where it needs to go.