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LuccaCardoso1 said:
Rab said:

Ride a bike (I'm being serious)


Article - "When I was anxious and depressed, cycling put me on the road to happiness" 

Surprisingly, I've already tried that. Not as a way to relieve anxiety, but I've tried it.

Well, I hate it. All the bicycle paths in my city always have a lot of people on them, and I end up getting really stressed trying to not bump into anyone or anything.

I actually played tennis for a period of time and it helped me a bit to relieve stress, but I moved and there are no tennis courts around here. And now with college, I don't really have much spare time.

Ok, yeah too many people on the path can be stressful, Im blessed with a quiet path along my cities river, exercising is key to my mental health, if you can find a quiet place like a large park or a nature strip nearby then give it another go, I hope it works out for you