iceland said:
Damn you've committed the no1 sin on VGC, though you have valid reasons to be upset. Xbox's first party needs some work but it seems to be on the right track with the recent additions. You say lead platform so I'll assume you're probably going to buy ps5 down the line when it's cheap to play the exclusives, what I usually do for my non-main consoles (you shouldn't deny yourself of games/franchises you like). Hope you have a better experience with Xbox.

Yeah, I will always own every console in a generation, as long as I can afford it. Going forward though, Xbox will be the console I lean on for 3rd party games, media, and productivity. 

I still have PS4 Pro and Switch. I will be getting all VR content on PSVR, I will continue to buy PS Exclusive games, and Switch Exclusives, but I am done paying 3rd party royalties to Sony and Nintendo if they are not going to support their platforms. When my Refrigerator is better at web browsing and media playback than my Console and my TV, there is a serious problem in my book.

Stop hate, let others live the life they were given. Everyone has their problems, and no one should have to feel ashamed for the way they were born. Be proud of who you are, encourage others to be proud of themselves. Learn, research, absorb everything around you. Nothing is meaningless, a purpose is placed on everything no matter how you perceive it. Discover how to love, and share that love with everything that you encounter. Help make existence a beautiful thing.

Kevyn B Grams