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John2290 said:
fauzman said:

I have to say that I find this kind of thinking to be the kind of bullshit that people with prejudices and trump-ites would say. As Dulfite has said, realistically speaking these people are likely those who have suffered huge traumas, especially children and returning back to country of origin is not a possibility. It is possible for them to get work and support their countries (I am sure a number of refugees that do well and get work probably do send money home). Also I dont know where you are getting your ideas  of refugees staying on welfare and committing crimes comes from.

From what I understand and have herad, here in New Zealand, it is considered that refugees generally work harder, are more willing to take lower paying jobs and contribute more to their new countries (I have tried to find literature to support this but havent so far). I am sure that is the case also where you are from. 


Economic migrants work harder yes, this is not the case with the refugees in Europe, it is quite the opposite, it brings crime, Muslims bring racism to other minorities especially black people, it impacts the economy negatively, the tac payer pays for people t o beg on the streets all day and harrass citizens for money and there is a massive, massive culture clash among more serious crime like rape and murder and unprovoked attacks. This isn't mexicans adding to the US economy or Polish spreading out to return money to their country to rebuild. I've seen the latter here in Ireland and it was successful for both Irish and Polish people, same goes for African and Asian immigrants aroubd the same time and later, they work hard at jobs that pay shit and add to the economy while sending money back to their own economy. The current refugee crisis which, In ireland is a small microcosm and a hint of the troubles compared to continental Europe is a far cry from the benefits of economic migrants. The media will have you belive immigrants, migrants and refugees are the one and the same. They are not. 

That said, not all refugees have caused these problems, we took in an influx of Burmese refugee in 2007, some placed in my town and one family as our next door neighbours. They didn't speak a lick of English and it was extremely hard to communicate, they all slept on the floor in the living room of a fully furnished 5 bedroom house as they didn't understand among other cultural issues by 2009 they all spoke some english and upon meeting some of them again in 2012, as my Niece had made friends with one of the young lads, they were all fluent in English as far as i could see and the family of 8 as well as the extended family around the town had made something of  themselves. They came from the most war torn countries where they were forced to eat dogs and rodents to survive and were litterally skin and bone in 2008 with visible PTSD and as far as I know they are more Irish now, than I am. 

This does not happen with current refugees nor is there any effort on the current middle eastern refugees part, many which i'd imagine are coming for the welfare and not fleeing war, obviously many are but from what I can see the majority are opportunists.

This is why i think the Dalai Lamas words are wise here and I would hope they will listen if media stop shouting racism. It would benifet everyone, the refugees and the migrants among them as well as Europeans if they would work towards rebuilding to return home or at the very least work to build a home here. 

Where is your proof that this is the rule rather than the exception? Yes before you say so I have heard about the issues in Germany and other european countries from the refugees that have come in. But as with any subset and any migrants, I expect that to be the 1% who are doing really really stupid things and need to be jailed/prosecuted as with any other criminals. I am sure the majority would be hard working people who would be working hard and working to assimilate rather than trouble makers. 

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