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To be fair the man has a point, a country suffers from a huge braindrain if a big part of the population leave and doesn't come back, because they build up a live elsewhere. Suriname for instant did suffer when a large part of its population emigratie to NL.  Suriname was still part of NL that time, but the same counts for refugees.

Take any random country which have suffered a major war. Countries don't rebuild themselves it requires knowledge, lots of work and a shit ton of money. Now while I agree the US and Europe should pay their fair share for that since they usually blow said country to pieces. Since they love interfering in conflicts they should not. Said that from the start in Syria, but look at what happened the country is blown to pieces and the next IS has a new birthplace.

It doesn't however mean that Europe and the US should rebuild all the countries which suffered a major war. In the end a country should rebuild and restructured by its people otherwise Europe and US are basically making vassal state or even worse new colonies and we or at least I would not want that.

On the other hand western Europe is pretty much a US vassal state since 1946 when US paid for rebuilding western Europe because of the Russian thread. The EU support all US war efforts without a doubt or asking many question. Refugees should go back when its save not for the sake of themselves or for the sake of US and EU, but for the sake of the country and the people that remained so they can rebuild the country. 

Last edited by Qwark - on 16 September 2018

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