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Vodacixi said:

If that's what you think, I'm ok with it. But... don't you think that it would be better if it was free like it has been since the DS came out? Don't you think that this is something we have always had for free and now they are taking it away from us? Don't you think that if we stand up and hold on without online on Switch, even if it's just by a short period of time... we could make things like they were before?

I repeat: if you don't agree with this, I won't insist on you. But if you think I'm even just a little bit right... then you should consider making something.

Sorry but even when I had a DS, Xbox 360 had already planted the conception that the future of online gaming is to be a paid service on dedicated platforms. Sony followed, then finally Nintendo. The consumer lost, no point in me fighting a battle I believe to be already long lost.

But of course I'm fine with anyone who disagrees and can live without the paid online subscription services for Sony Microsoft and Nintendo platforms. I mean they have a right not to pay and not everyone is too dependent on the online gaming sector. But if you do want the subscription you should just pay for it cause your not going to be getting it otherwise.

I'm just desensitised to concept of paid online on modern dedicated video game systems. Also it's far too late for Microsoft and Sony to turn back now, sure maybe not Nintendo, but if after 10 years it sticks there is no reason to believe it's going anywhere.

Last edited by Green098 - on 14 September 2018