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Ljink96 said:
Yeah Nintendo is most likely going to own 2019. Animal Crossing and Pokemon Gen 8 alone are going to fly off the shelves along with Switches. We don't even know what Nintendo is going to announce at TGS or the Game Awards. 2018 hasn't been that great, especially in the first half but 2019 is shaping up to be quite the turn around.

I dont think that Nintendo will announce anything at TGS because it's too close to Direct, but I expecting some more 3rd party announcement this year. Talking about Game Awards, my bet is that they will show Metroid Prime 4 and announce Metroid Trilogy HD. :)


Ultravolt said: 
KLXVER said: 

I personally don't think Bayonetta 3 will make it next year either.

I agree. They both seem too far off at the moment. Maybe 2020 at the earliest.

Game was announced in December 2017. so 2020. is latest when game will arrive not earliest.


Yerm said: 
are people really anticipating Daemon X Machina? for me it honestly looks like a mobile game

With every showing game looks better, and looks very nice, definitely don't looks like mobile game, maybe you just dont like art style of game.


Cerebralbore101 said: 

Switch will hit 40 million units sold before 2019 ends. Calling it now. 

Switch will be at 30m+ at end of this year, at end of next year Switch should be close to 50m not 40m. :)