DonFerrari said:
You are showing to have more prejudice than the average gamer you are talking against.

You appreciate more if a product is aimed at you, use female as protagonist, abide by the rules of your section of feminism, etc. Those are very narrow-minded way to limit your pleasure on the entertainment.

Well let's test that theory for a moment:

I've been gaming with fair regularity for the last 31 years. In the course of that time, I have amassed a considerable library, out of which titles that apply male-centric narratives compose probably in the neighborhood of 70% even now. Would you conversely say that 70% of the games you own primarily revolve around the other sex in terms of the stories they tell or the characters they center as the player? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say probably not. You know why that is? It's because I am, in all likelihood, a more broad-minded and less bigoted person than you are. And because I factually have fewer alternatives to choose from that way.

Let's say that the objective situation that presently exists were exactly reversed. Let's imagine an alternate universe in which female-centric games reaching publication outnumbered male-centric ones by a margin of 5 to 1. Let's imagine, likewise, that 99.9% of video games were created by predominantly female development teams and that gaming-oriented communities like this were nearly all female in their composition in addition, with threads popping up all the time complaining about how it's unnatural for men to be included in this game and that and half of users using their "husbandos" as their avatars. What if there were stories of epidemic levels of sexual harassment of men by women in online gaming spaces making the news? What if the main and most common public role of male gamers was that of sewing together sexy costumes of game characters for beauty pageants rather than participating in competitions? What if male-led video games sold only 25% as many copies, on average, as female-led ones and female gamers frequently used that fact as an argument for why male-led games shouldn't be made at all, and publishers generally listened to that argument? Would you still be a gamer under those circumstances or would your relationship to this medium probably be reduced to a casual one at best under those conditions? I think we both know what the honest answer is.

The fact is that the video game industry values your patronage a lot more than mine and that both the industry and corresponding community pander to you a lot more than they do to me because of your genitals. I don't believe that placing a premium on the clearest exceptions to that rule makes me a particularly irrational or prejudiced person.

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