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Well showing my age? a generic piece of sh1t that played variants on the batten moving 'Pong". Not just a startling two bats, one each side, but variations akin to the table football game found in pubs. That was my first home console.

After this, my mate had a 2600 and I'd run home from school to then ride my bike to his house. I was officially addicted to video games. An Intellivision then followed, oh how I loved it and boasted in the trivia it was partially 16bit. Then came the C64 for Xmas one year. Nerdom now entrenched, and then 1986 came along and so did history - the might Amiga 500. I was officially anti-Intel and MS for the rest of my life as I trounced through Amiga after Amiga. from the a600 to the 1200a (still working today - they don't make them like that anymore.)

And for those that think I digress from "console" to computer? The Amiga, invented by Jay Miner was in its inception meant to be a console.