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John2290 said:
The Fury said:
Remember when Tomb Raider was about going into Tombs, solving puzzles and killing T-Rexs with duel wielded pistols.

Yeah-up. I don't see these games as true tombraiders until there are dinosaurs, supernatural stuff like statues that come to life with 4 hands and of course the duel wielded pistols. I can forgive everything else but without the supernatural element... it's just not tombraider. Hope Shadow had Supernatural elements and good puzzles but it'll be a deep sale purchase for me, if even. 

Both previous titles had a lot of supernatural elements, though. They just don't figure in much to the combat or enemy appearances. But I mean, the first one had spirits preventing people from leaving an island and an old sun goddess possessing your friend, while the second one had eternal life as part of its plot and someone who actually had achieved it.

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