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The point is that you are overthinking things. Seinfeld works as supplement to strengthen that point, because it was a sitcom built around humor that was overthinking pretty much everything.

You provide us with threads about things that this community wouldn't even think about, and it's pretty crazy. The quote AngryLittleAlchemist picked out of your original post... I've never even remotely imagined that there is such a thing. *insert my current profile picture as supplement for this paragraph*

Sorry if I've weirded you out. It appears that I am coming from a very different view of the world than people here (or most places really) commonly are, and I'm really just meaning to establish communication that's not entirely superficial, not to make people uncomfortable.

I wouldn't say uncomfortable but lets remember that everything can be discussed, analyzed and/or criticized, its okay to bring this things to the table and learn more from them, the thing with the "feminist things" nowadays is that they have seem to have "blown out" if you will, due to some groups and massive media as they try to impose their opinions  and force their "facts", even when they aren't homogenous even from person to person or "woman to woman", as evidenced by the original question about which games are considered feminist.

It's not that this themes can't be discussed but a lot of people do it ignoring a lot of the things involved, or not knowing or considering simpler premises which most of the times are the basis for a lot of our arguments and instead recurring to ovethinked, complicated or just far-fetched statements, then there is also the outright resort to insults or disqualifications, then people tend to let go and dismiss the discussion or a lot of times assume the complete reverse (and equally ridiculous) stance.

I grew learning that feminism was the "ideology" of looking just for what was right: to get women to be treated as equal and have the same opportunities in every field of the human development as men. Being from a country that has history of being considered "machista" (sexist), that is not "predominantly white", full of inequality thanks to its goverment etc. i think a lot of the people like myself can still tell you about women that are still being oppressed to this day and the complete bullshit spewed by media, and the "feminist" groups and other advocated to "social justice".

For example, in our entertainment media the videogames, practically growing with them since the NES days and having access to a lot of computer games i can attest to the "damsel in distress" trope being one the most prevalent in a lot of our videogames, but people outright ignore the basis for why it was used a lot to begin with.

Then you have  as characters that have been considered well done by feminist as written by leedlee:

A good feminist character who interacts with men would be Bayonetta...

Yes, she's extremely sexual, and male gamers may find it appealing, but she is in control of her sexuality; she is not sexual in order to get gratification or validation from men, she's constantly "feeling her oats" as a drag queen would say..."

But then again there is a lack of equivalence even between feminists or people that define themselves like that because a lot of them disagree in what is to be treated as equal.


  • Some have said that Bayonetta is nothing more than eye candy.
  • Some that Bayonetta is another oversexed female.
  • Some that she is a strong female or an action female.
  • Some that she is a strong female that is in control of her sexuality.
  • Some just dismiss her as a forgettable female in a genre which generally has male protagonist.
  • Some call her bad designed and weird.
  • Some think she is and/or look strange and ridiculous.
  • Some call her outright gross.


Then again, i  have read a lot of opinions from consumers and "professional journalists" calling themselves feminist like that about her and a lot of characters, seems to me that we have a lot not only differences, but also clashing as to what we can label as feminist according to what anyone think its feminism.