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The_Liquid_Laser said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
I think a lot of the reasons Sony gets more flack than others is because the fan base of Sony defends Sony to the point where they don't think Sony does anything wrong,ever. But the fact at the end of the day is that all companies downgrade their games, Nintendo,Microsoft,Sony,third parties(im looking at you Ubisoft). It's common place for this. So its wrong for Sony to only be targeted for this and that isn't really fair. But it is what it is, best to just ignore all the noise and just enjoy the games were given.

I would agree with this all the way.  All of the big companies are guilty of this.

However Sony kind of asks for criticism.  It tries to distinguish itself from Nintendo especially by saying how much better the graphics are in the Sony games.  I personally think the graphical difference between Sony in Nintendo is minor, and at the same time I really don't care about these graphical downgrades compared to an E3 presentation.  But a person who is going to nitpick Sony vs. Nintendo graphics can also nitpick when their is a downgrade compared to E3.

When did Sony say their games have better graphics than other games?

"lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me."

Translation: I will always hate Fox for canceling The Exorcist.