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sub-zero-TM said:
That's probably because many people want to buy the blu ray copy so they can pull out scenes from it and post on youtube where they are shitting on this piece of crap movie. xD

P.S . TFA and TLJ are the worst sw movies i can't stand them ! I actually loved TFA when it came out but the illusion of it being good and simply 'not being the prequels' quickly wore off with every time i watched it again.. it's so awful and cringy.

Disney killed Star Wars and that is that gentleman.

It's funny how we are on a sales website, yet people are making conclusions without looking at any data.

4 months after release TFA had sold 2 million more copies, and that is only in the USA. The article in the thread doesn't state if the reported 3 million figure is only in the USA but if we consider that, it is 40 percent decrease.

So no mate Star Wars is on decline. 

Last edited by areason - on 10 September 2018