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John2290 said:
vivster said:

Context is still what counts. Cracker isn't racist when I use it to describe what I ate for breakfast. So if white man is not used in insults then what is exactly the problem here? What do you think whoever implemented this wanted to achieve? Looking at this thread it must've been something pretty sinister that will throw the whole world into turmoil.

I burst out laughing when i read it. It's ridiculous but that doesn't stop it from being racist. Again, turn it to black man and you and everyone else would be having the same reaction as the sane people in this thread who see the racism (not reverse racism but actual racism). Want racism to stop? Stop being racist to all races, white people included. 

Joke, troll, one angry racist at DICE it doesn't matter. The people or persons who coded that see white people synonymous with Nazi's. That's the problem. I can't take you seriously if you think that is normal or should not be criticized in the same way as if it were an other race. 

I still fail to see how censoring that or "black man" or any racial slur for that matter would be considered racist. I mean, I'm a white male, as privileged as they come, but for some reason I do not feel racisted against. Am I immune to racism? Should I get myself checked?

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